Walk Deep: Poetry of Place

Find your next great read in the Nature of Writing Speaker Series featuring presentations by authors, poets and naturalists sharing their new works - presented by Village Books and North Cascades Institute! Abigail Morgan Prout shares her new book Walk Deep: Poems at the Fairhaven bookstore on April 7 at 7 pm. Enjoy this post about her writing inspirations found in the forest and fields of Lopez Island.

How does our daily relationship with Nature affect our creativity and learning? 

 Every morning, after enjoying a steaming mug of strong sweet tea, I call our dog and head up to walk the same three mile old growth loop trail on the hill above our island home. In this walking meditation, I let my mind be inspired by nature’s patterns, returning home to write out a poem. This forested trail has slowly become one of my closest friends, disclosing its secrets and inspirations to me as we spent time every day together. 

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