What Water Holds: From the North Cascades to Village Books

Join us October 1 at 4 pm at Village Books in Bellingham for a reading from What Water Holds with Tele Aadsen and Holly Hughes. CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT! Learn more about the Fall 2023 Nature of Writing Speaker Series and upcoming readings with Graham Zimmerman, Tom McNulty, John Miles, John D’Onofrio and others here.

In 2023’s frenetic days, it’s hard to believe I once had the incredible privilege of three months as North Cascades Institute’s writer-in-residence. But so it was. In 2013, I’d recently sold a memoir on proposal. Now I just had to write this story of a tree-hugging, yoga-posing, female commercial salmon fisherman navigating gender and family dynamics amid a 43-foot floating universe with my male partner. As a longtime friend of the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, supplying Chefs Charles Claassen and Shelby Slater with my fisher-family’s catch, I reached out. Might the Institute have an available cabin?

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