Graduate Student Amy Fitkin holding a fallen Big Leaf Maple leaf.

October 2018 Photo Roundup!

In the past, the North Cascades Institute has produced a "Weekly Photo Round-up". This year, I will continue to share photos of some the wonderful activities and scenery that staff and students share each month. Please enjoy this glimpse into our lives at the North Cascades Institute. 

It’s officially Fall here in the North Cascades, and October provided plenty of reminders of the new season. The month began with some chilly temperatures, and even a bit of snow on the high peaks. But, just as soon as we were getting ready for cold, rainy weather, we were given a full two weeks of clear skies and sunshine, with temperatures reaching into the 70s at the Environmental Learning Center. This allowed for some great opportunities to get out, and take in the fall colors. Of course, the wet weather has returned with a vengeance, and it now seems like officially time to keep those rain jackets handy. As we move into November, and ready ourselves for winter, take a few minutes to enjoy some photos of the glorious October we had!

For the first ten days of October, the graduate students in the M.Ed Residency Program‘s 18th cohort had their final field trip of the year to the Methow Valley, where they camped in below freezing temperatures, and learned from local environmental leaders about a variety of subjects from beavers to hawk migration, and even took some time to explore to the culinary joys of Cinnamon Twisp!

Graduate Student, Carson Yacht (right) learning from Julie(left)of the Methow Beaver Project photo by Spencer Gee.
Graduate Student Nicola Follis holding a Sharp-Shinned Hawk on Chelan Ridge. Photo by Dianna Green
Graduate Students Adam Brayton and Carson Yacht at Hawkwatch on Chelan Ridge. Photo by Diana Green
Graduate Students scanning the sky for hawks on Chelan Ridge. Photo by Thumper Ormerod.
Graduate Student Dianna Green (left front) and Instructor Joshua Porter (left back) smelling a Ponderosa Pine, while fire ecologist Susan Prichard (right) investigates woodpecker holes. Photo by Ali Burdick.
Graduate Student Dianna Green chowing down on some lunch. Photo by Adam Brayton
Ginger, our canine companion on Chelan Ridge. Photo by Thumper Ormerod

The graduate students returned home October 10th, but  their work didn’t end with the field trip. For the past 3 weeks, the students have quickly shifted gears into Natural History Projects, phenology study, and land stewardship work at the Blue House property in Marblemount.

Graduate Students Adam Brayton (left) and Ali Burdick (right) collecting phenology data near Deer Creek. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Graduate Students Christine Sanderson (left) and Carson Yach (right) lookin’ tough while doing some fencing work at the Blue House property in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Pollinator bees enjoying a Sunflower in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Graduate Student Adam Brayton cooling off after a warm day of gardening. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Graduate Student Ali Burdick showing off the harvest at the Blue House in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Graduate Student Spencer Gee harvesting carrots at the Blue House in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin.
Graduate Student Chris Williams (left) and Graduate Program Residency Coordinator Cara Stoddard (right) harvesting kale at the Blue House garden. Photo by Amy Fitkin.
Graduate students Nicola Follis (front) and Matt Ferrell (back) building a trail in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin
Graduate Student Thumper Ormerod enjoying some October sun, raking leaves in Marblemount. Photo by Amy Fitkin

While the graduate cohort busied themselves with natural history lessons, Mountain School was in full swing. Hundreds of 5th graders from both sides of the mountains joined us this month at the Environmental Learning Center for a hands-on, place-based learning experience they won’t soon forget! And, on October 22, a film crew joined us to produce pre-trip information video for future student visits.

Mountain School students receiving a lesson on stream ecology. Photo by Ellesha Gasperini
Mountain School students collecting macro invertebrate samples in Deer Creek. Photo by Ellesha Gasperini
Film crew capturing students gathering for a lesson by Mountain School Instructor Billy Schurman. Photo by Amy Fitkin.

Finally, as the cold, rainy weather rolled in last week, North Cascades Staff and Graduate Students joined forces to get the Salish Dancer off the water for the season!

Grads and Staff completing the Salish Dancer’s final voyage of 2018. Photo by Mari Schramm
Photo by Mari Schramm

Of course with all this great human activity going on, it was easy to miss some of the amazing changes in our natural landscapes. From autumn leaves and snow-capped peaks, to budding mushrooms and beautiful sunsets, Mother Nature  provided plenty of reminders of how lucky we are to share this special place!

First Snow on Pyramid Peak. Photo by Mari Schramm.
The Beautiful Methow Valley. Photo by Thumper Ormerod.
Methow Valley Sunset. Photo by Thumper Ormerod.
With rain, comes mushrooms. Photo by Mari Schramm.
Holy Fall Fungi! Photo by Jane Davenport
The infamous Amanita muscaria. Photo by Evan Holmstrom.
Strobilurus trullisatis. A type of fungi that only exists on Douglas Fir cones. Photo by Evan Holmstrom.
Fall Colors on Sourdough Mountain. Photo by Jane Davenport.
Diablo Lake at Dusk. Photo by Jane Davenport
A View From Sourdough Mountain. Photo by Jane Davenport
A lone couple enjoying some solitude and scenery at Maple Pass. Photo by Jane Davenport.

Thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for our November round-up coming next month. If you have any great pictures you’d like to see in an upcoming photo round-up, please email them to me! 

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