Blogging Diablo Downtime

We here at Chattermarks are not the only people blogging about the North Cascades and our awe-inspiring wilderness campus on Diablo Lake; I stumbled upon this fine story at recently:

After several months working toward a big project deadline, I’m in dire need of some downtime in a beautiful setting. Give me craggy, towering mountain peaks, expanses of water, or lush green forests and I’m happy. Give me all three together and I’m very happy. So I check out the schedule for my favorite Northwest place that combines them all—the North Cascades Institute (NCI) Environmental Learning Center on Diablo Lake, a 2+-hour drive northeast of Seattle.
Just a week after my deadline, NCI is offering a Diablo Downtime weekend of yoga, slow food, canoeing, hiking, and relaxing. I sign up immediately.

Read the rest of the authors adventures at the Learning Center here and sign up for your own Diablo Downtime adventure this summer at

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