The Boston glacier–the largest glacier in the North Cascades–has lost 10% of its area within the last 8 years.

The Birth and Death of a Glacier

Enjoy this guest post from Wyatt Mullen, a Skagit based landscape photographer and science communicator and Institute instructor in 2023. Learn more about Wyatt and find links to his online galleries at the bottom of the post.

Slowly, gently, the snowflake spirals downwards. It pirouettes through the sky, first drifting this way, then another, finally coming to rest on a precarious pile of powder. It’s mid winter in the Cascades and this recently settled snow crystal destabilizes the system. A sudden crack cuts through the mound of snow and it begins to slide–a crystal river that gushes between rimed rocks and snow-filled crevices as it flows downwards.

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