Photo by Christi Krug

North Cascades Institute – A Nature and Learning Paradise

The following is a reflection by Writer and Educator Christi Krug. Christi spent two weeks as Creative Resident at the North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center. Enjoy her experience of the transformative powers of nature.

I’m feeling an inward thrum, a tingling aliveness, from my time beneath the majestic peaks of the North Cascades mountains. Last month, I served as creative resident at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. I dove into learning, teaching, and writing, in a glorious nature-and-learning paradise.

Before I hit the road north, I returned six overdue library books I’d never had the chance to read. I left traffic, texts, appointments, errands.

I tumbled into a spacious house overlooking majestic Douglas firs, where I spread out a crateful of journals and books and typed or read, or stretched, or researched. I curled up in a cozy chair in the library, while silver light angled over snow-capped mountains and skimmed Diablo Lake. I was fed delicious, nourishing, organic meals and charged to create what I had designed. I disappeared from social media and stopped answering email. I wrote seven chapters of my new book. I hiked to waterfalls, along lakes, and in high snow-laced forests.

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