Diabsud Confluence Property in Marblemount.

The Land as a Teacher: Land Stewardship at the Confluence Property

There’s no getting around it, being a graduate student at the North Cascades Institute’s M.Ed Program is a lot of work. With all-day classes and seminars, dense reading, writing and project assignments, and keeping up with work study, it’s easy to forget that we live in such a unique and beautiful place. Some weeks, taking a few hours to get out for a hike or paddle on Diablo Lake feels like a luxury, particularly in the dark days of Winter. However, this master’s  program is not like many others, and most of the students that choose to spend a year in the mountains do so to connect more intimately with the land than a typical on-campus program might offer. Fortunately for those of us who prefer to take our education outdoors, the M.Ed Program offers us opportunities to get some hands-on land stewardship experience right in our own backyard!

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