Spring training

Spring Mountain School instructors
Spring Mountain School training is in full swing here at the learning center. Graduate students, rangers and staff have spent the last three days on the trails rehearsing new lessons about forest carnivores, early Pacific Northwest naturalists, field science techniques and the amazing biodiversity of the North Cascades ecosystem.
Starting the season off right we faced inclement, snowy weather this morning; post holed up to our knees in dense, wet snow and through it all relished the opportunity to be outside playing again and preparing for Mountain School.
Our first group of Mountain School students will arrive in just under two weeks. It will be energizing to have a campus full of students again. To hear squeals of delight at the sight of a Douglas squirrel, smell the campfire, listen to camp songs, and to see students out on the trails, exploring the natural world sounds fantastic. And to be doing so on our beautiful campus as spring arrives sounds even better.

Photo: Spring Mountain School instructors braving the weather.


  1. Carolyn

    Thanks for the update on ELC life! It’s great to hear what’s going on up there. On an aesthetic note, I like how the snow in the photo blends into the text area.

  2. Jenny Cloutier

    Don’t these smiling people look like the sort of people you would want to learn from/with!

  3. Linda

    Yes! Beautiful–great place!

  4. Katie Trujillo

    You look like someone I want to learn from in this photo Jenny! Honestly. No really, I am being sincere. If ever I am bored or having a low day, I go to the blog and look at this photo! I always laugh.
    It is crazy to think that just a short time ago the snow was falling and this place looked so different. However, as the snow slowly melts away and the Salal and Oregon Grape is uncovered by its winter blanket, I can’t help but smile as I watch the transformations begin all around me…
    If you have never visited the North Cascades National Park, please do. This place is magical and its beauty will engulf you.

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