Mountain School Recommends: Podcasts

With the Spring closure of our Environmental Learning Center, our Mountain School Instructors are at home spending time in their local outdoor communities. During this time, they have compiled some of their favorite resources that they plan to revisit and have been itching to share with others! The resources include citizen science apps, books, poetry, podcast, and much more. We hope these resources help you find peace, knowledge, and a way to serve the scientific community!

Podcast Suggestions

The Soundtracker by Generation Anthropocene
Lindsay says: The Soundtracker episode is a really beautiful, intense interpretation of the natural world and the ways we can experience it. It is an interesting way to look at the impacts people can have on the furthest reaches of the world and a meditative look into nature sounds.

Radiolab: From Tree to Shining Tree
Sarah says: This is a wonderful episode which investigates mycorrhizal fungi and plant intelligence! The book Intelligence in Nature by Jeremy Narby goes even further into how modern science is catching up to nonwestern ways of knowing about the connections within the natural wrld.

For The Wild Podcast
Bre says: This podcast looks at science from many different ways of knowing and takes a fierce, yet compassionate approach in discussing the intersection of social and environmental justice. This podcast challenges me to dissect difficult topics and question the tendencies of Western society.

The Rewilding Podcast with Peter Michael Bauer
Tanner says: This podcast is run by the founder and executive director of Rewild Portland, a nonprofit that does some really powerful work in Portland, Oregon. The podcast delves deep into the intricacies of rewilding, exploring not only the more practical side of relearning ancestral skills, but also the cultural implications, philosophical problems, and realities of trying to reintroduce wildness into a late-stage capitalist society.

The Wild with Chris Morgan
Bridget says: I started listening to The Wild with Chris Morgan before moving to the Pacific Northwest. It provided me with greater excitement and understanding of this area before I arrived and continues to connect me with my new backyard!


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Special thanks to these Mountain School Instructors for sharing their favorite resources: 

  • Bre is a mountaineer with glee for glaciers and feels deep reverence for their beauty and danger.
  • Bridget gets excited about hiking on trails both familiar and unfamiliar, seeking out edible plants, and watching birds.
  • Lindsay declares her top three passions in nature are raptors, rocks, and fungus.
  • Sarah enjoys seeking out forest snacks like berries, mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, and tasty leaves—she’s always looking for a treat.
  • Tanner is passionate about the universe of medicinals and edibles. He loves eating wild plants and exploring the healing connections to be found in the more-than-human world.

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