Mystery Skulls with Alexa #2 : Herbivores

We really miss having Mountain School students at the Environmental Learning Center! Until we can welcome them back, Senior Program Instructor Alexa Brandt is sharing one of her favorite lessons – Mystery Skulls! – in a new series of videos. Get ready to put your nature curiosities and keen observation skills to the test as we work together to figure out the identities of three North Cascades animal skulls.

Part 2: Maybe You’ve Seen Herbivore?: In this video, we’ll embark on our very first mystery skull challenge! Once you’ve had some time to collect your own observations, we will go through the key features of this skull together before trying to figure out what type of consumer this animal is, and more specifically, which North Cascades critter this skull belongs to. Who knows, this might even be an animal that lives near you!

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