Natures Calling

Ski to sea starting line 2009
There are eight members of the current NCI graduate class.  There are eight members on a  Ski to Sea team.  It seemed meant to be.  We called ourselves Natures Calling.  The name has multiple meanings and origins.  As Mountain School instructors we carry the “Natures Calling Kit”, for those times on the trail when, well, nature’s calling.  Its a regular topic of discussion, because teaching 5th graders how to use the kit can be awkward and funny as well as educational.  The other origin, which may seem more obvious to some, is the fact that Nature is calling and asking all of us to get outside!

Aneka on the cross country ski leg.
Katie waiting for Aneka to pass the chip.

Sarah running for Ski to Sea

Sarah at the start of the run.

The Natures Calling team had a great time racing, meeting new people and we want to thank everyone that loaned us gear, helped with transportation and encouraged us along the way!

Photos courtesy of Aneka Singlaub and Sarah Sutherland.

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