Youth Leadership Ambassadors Trip Report: Kayaking Bellingham Bay

The Youth Leadership Ambassadors program is an extension of our Youth Leadership Adventures summer program. The goal of the program is to further develop leadership and outdoor skills, facilitate service and stewardship in our local communities and ecosystems, and provide college preparedness support to high school students from Skagit and Whatcom County. While serving as Ambassadors, students will participate in work parties, attend field trip and receive 15 hours of college access curriculum. Ambassadors will contribute blog posts and photographs that highlight their adventures throughout the year here on Chattermarks.

Appearing for the first time on Chattermarks are Alora Richards and Lorena Ochoa, who share their reflection of the Ambassador Program and their final trip kayaking on Bellingham Bay.

Youth Leadership Ambassador: Alora Richards

The Youth Leadership Ambassadors are a group of high school students that go on stewardship field trips and college tours. This program helps us learn more about college and the college application process. Our last Youth Leadership Ambassador field trip was June 10th and we went kayaking in Bellingham Bay. What I learned during my kayaking experience was that I don’t like deep water and most boats are made for taller people. I also learned that kayaking is super fun and I might have a new hobby.

About Alora Richards

I am Alora Richards and I attend Meridan High School. I am 17 years old. The Youth Leadership Ambassador program has allowed me to develop my public speaking skills and under how to apply for college. It has also allowed to make new friends and come out of my comfort zone. The Ambassador program has impacted my life because I now have a solid goal in life, when before I didn’t really know what I was going to do. It has also allowed me to have new experiences that I wouldn’t have had before joining.


Youth Leadership Ambassador: Lorena Ochoa

This past weekend I went on a trip to the Bellingham Bay with my Youth Ambassadors group. We got to kayak with a buddy and adventure on the ocean waters. We started out with introduction as we met the amazing instructors who showed us how to be safe while having fun!.We then had the best lunch at Bellingham Bay Park, as we shared stories and laughter. Perfect weather and a perfect adventure. You could say it was pretty upsetting to think that this was our last day all together. We are now all connected and a little family who will stay in touch. As for the end of the trip, we got a little emotional sharing how grateful we all are to have been in this program with such amazing people. All these memories will always stay with us.
About Lorena Ochoa
Hello My name is Lorena. I’m currently a sophomore at Mount Vernon High School, I joined the Youth Leadership Ambassadors because I thought it would be an amazing way to go outdoors and find ways to help my community with any type of stewardship work.

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