Fall skiing on Marmot Ridge

Marmot Ridge and skier
Fresh snow on Mt. Baker, night time lows near 20 degrees in the mountains, and forecasts calling for snow below 3,000 feet; we had to go skiing. Let’s be honest, we didn’t have high expectations, it was the first day of November. But, as Ian, Arielle, Adam and I loaded the car in the dim morning light we were hopeful. Why couldn’t the snow be great this early in the season? We live in the Pacific Northwest after all; snow comes early to our mountains.

Coleman glacier from the Hog's backLooking North at the Coleman Glacier. (Top) Marmot Ridge

Our destination of choice was Marmot Ridge, west of Mount Baker. The approach was long, muddy, and wet. All in all we we carried our skis at least eight miles for two runs, wearing ski boots the entire way and because of the dwindling length of these fall days we had to hustle. But the skiing was great! All of the effort was totally worth it.

Baker from Marmot RidgeFrom left to right Mt. Baker, Colfax Peak and Lincoln Peak

The view from the top of the ridge was stunning. Perhaps it was the spindrift blowing off of Baker, Lincoln and Colfax or the strong contrast of the green lowlands and the snow field covered with fresh ski tracks or the simple fact that I was in the mountains, on my skis, and the sun was shining!

Spindrift off of Baker

The view from the highpoint of the day, looking at Mt. Baker and Colfax Peak

Ski tracks on Marmot Ridge

All in all it was a fabulous day with beautiful weather, nice terrain, good friends and fresh snow. I can’t wait to get out again!

Photos courtesy of Jenny Lee.


  1. vida morkunas

    what a beautiful trip – and oh the photos! I can’t wait to snowshoe at Baker the weekend after next !

  2. RJ

    Spectacular – and I no longer ski! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Christian Martin

    Your photos are OFF THE HOOK — thank you for doing this & then sharing, so I don’t have to — 8 miles in ski boots??

  4. jill i

    Awesome photos! And great tracks in the last shot! And no doubt there is A LOT more snow out there now.

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