Sourdough Mountain Lookout

It seemed almost obligatory that my first hike upon moving to the foot of Sourdough Mountain would be to the summit.So Aneka and I made the short drive to the trailhead, perhaps five minutes, and set out.The fall colors were exploding, the huckleberries were abundant and delicious and near the summit we saw a black bear panting as he tried to cool himself in the remains of last winter’s snow. At the lookout Aneka read a poem by Gary Snyder, we watched red-tailed hawks circle high above us and we worked to identify the distant, snow covered peaks. It was a perfect introduction to life on Sourdough Mountain.
Sourdough Lookout Marker

Davis PeakDavis Peak
Sourdough LookoutLooking into the Pickett Range from Sourdough Lookout
Diablo LakeLooking down at Diablo Lake
JournalMid August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout by Gary Snyder
Photos by Jenny Frederick


  1. gene

    i was the sourdough l.o. for the fire season of 1969… those pix bring back a lot of memories

  2. linda

    I can still feel my knees, thinking about my little hike up Sourdough… Marina and I thought that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal and left that morning at 11, with just a bottle of water and 2 sandwiches… Well, when we finally got back at the house in Diablo at 8 in the evening, our fellow mountain school instructors were quite worried. Fortunately they heard us singing from half way up the mountain. So any wildlife that was present, was more scared of us, than the other way around! What a trip, and what a view. I still can’t believe the colour of the lake, and the view along the river.

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