Graduate students enjoy a bike ride past the Highway 20 road closure; photo by Gina Roberti

Weekly Photo Roundup: April 16 2018

Every weekend I will post photos collected from various North Cascades Institute graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.

This week there was an inspiring array of photos to choose from for our roundup. I believe that has something to do with spring vibes: plants are blooming, Mountain Schoolers are learning, and there are pockets of sunshine that sneak into our everyday lives. I hope you enjoy this collection of photos, taken by talented graduate students in the M.Ed Residency program with the North Cascades Institute. There are definitely gems on display here, showcasing the beauty and adventure of the Skagit Valley.

The Cascade foothills in Marblemount, WA; photo by Zoe Wadkins

How are YOU enjoying the wonders of spring?

Red Huckleberry buds; photo by Zoe Wadkins
Diablo Lake in April; photo by Liz Grewal
Mountain School Ranger Program; photo by Liz Grewal
Mountain Schoolers journaling by the lake; photo by Liz Grewal
Graduate students pose on the closed Highway 20, enjoying the plowed road before the road opens; photo by Gina Roberti

Graduate students in the 17th Cohort enjoyed a gorgeous Sunday cycling past the road closure on Highway 20. They rode as a group past Happy Creek, past Panther Creek, Ross Dam, and the Canyon Creek Trail. Students made it as far as mile marker 143. Overall, it was a 20 mile round trip.

It was a beautiful, rain-free and sunny day. Our bike gang consisted of nine, pedal-power believers. It was great.”

~ Marissa Bluestein

Witch’s butter; photo by Ashley Hill

Many students took to naturalizing, noting the changes brought on by a new season. Below are a collection of photos by Ashley Hill, showcasing some of the goodies she found while out on a hike.

Photo by Ashley Hill
Trillium about to bloom; photo by Ashley Hill


What a day! Hiked with some awesome, powerful ladies and observed some trillium, yew, witches butter, and a gigantic mushroom. Oh, and I received a great tarot card reading from Emily Bedker before watching The Sandlot!”

~ Ashley Hill

Emily Bedker, a naturalist instructor, enjoying the Skagit River
Photo by Ashley Hill

Graduate students and Institute staff wrapped up their weekend with a “Sandlot” themed soup night at Diablo housing. Soup night is a tradition among the Learning Center community, but the movie-theme was a new twist. Don’t you think they did a great job recreating this photo? #yourekillingmesmalls

Gina Roberti, Emily Bedker, Amy Rudko, Mari Schramm, Ashley Hill, Charlee Corra, Marissa Bluestein, Darcy Page, and Nate Trachte pose as kiddos from “The Sandlot”

And that’s all for this week – we hope you’ve been able to get out, explore and have fun, too.

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