Brendan McGarry

Brendan grew up in Seattle, lucky to have parents with the energy to steward his love of nature. By age nine, he was an obsessed birder, a passion that has carried him around the world and led him to life-changing experiences in remote places. Learning about birds led Brendan to become a well-rounded naturalist, and he’s developed strong interests in botany and geology. With a passion for nature and a desire to teach, Brendan has spent much of his time as a professional naturalist, environmental educator, and outdoor guide. After graduating from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelors of Science, Brendan realized that he wanted to be more directly connected to the public by communicating concepts in ecology and issues in local and global conservation. When he’s not studying natural history, Brendan enjoys spending time outside hiking, paddling, climbing trees, cooking and gardening. He is a published writer and photographer focusing on natural history. His blog,, focuses on explorations of the natural world. View Brendan's photography portfolio at