The Story of Hozomeen

Near Ross Lake reservoir in North Cascades National Park stands Hozomeen—a steep, jagged mountain that is the source of a locally abundant and distinctive tool stone, Hozomeen chert. This stone is found exclusively in the North Cascades range of Washington and British Columbia and was used by indigenous peoples. National Park Archaeologist Bob Mierendorf has studied quarries near the reservoir for nearly two decades, revealing a 10,000 year long record of indigenous use of this high-mountain landscape of the North Cascades.
In their latest work, documentary team Benjamin Drummond and Sara Joy Steele tell the story of Hozomeen chert and the interconnected history of the people and this place.

Lead photo by Benjamin Drummond.


  1. MomK

    Great story, beautiful scenery. Interesting that although they work so hard to unravel the mystery, they also know it may not ever be known, but continue to pursue it for what they can. Those who are searching and those being searched seem to have a deep reverance for life that transcends any one individual. Drummond and Steele are gifting us, and generations to come, with invaluable lessons! Thank you for bringing them to us, Codi!

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