In memory of Peter Hardin Jackson

Amidst all else going on in the world, we are mourning the loss of our dear friend Peter Hardin Jackson, son of the late U.S. Sen. Henry M. Jackson and North Cascades Institute board member from 2008 to 2019. “A brilliant and eloquent writer, Peter used his commanding voice to champion the causes of human rights and the environment,” as this lovely tribute in the Everett Herald rightly says: Peter was a champion for conservation and youth education in North Cascades National Park — the park his father helped establish in Congress 1969.

In September 2016, Peter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His determined fight to live included surgery, radiation and more than 65 rounds of chemotherapy. He passed away Saturday evening in Seattle at 53, where he lived with his wife of nearly 10 years, Laurie Werner.

Peter was a unique and wonderful human being, committed to Laurie, his friends and his many passions, of which North Cascades Institute was one. I l valued his friendship, kindness, curiosity, and honesty. He spoke truth to power, gently and with passion. Thank you Peter, for being a valued member of our board of directors, and your service to our beloved and troubled world. Your will walk well through our memories and tears.

— Saul Weisberg, Institute co-founder and executive director

Read an reflective essay Peter wrote about his battle with cancer at

Fra jord er du kommet, til jord skal du bli, og av jord skal du atter oppstå

We miss you Peter


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