International Day of Climate Action, October 24th 2009

On October 24th 2009 communities around the world are taking a day to mobilize citizens and create a movement to stop the climate crisis.  Locally, North Cascades Institute will be joining others in Skagit and Whatcom Counties rallying toward sustainability in Bellingham, Mount Vernon and Anacortes.  Promoted by, International Day of Climate Action is raising awarness and taking action in over 150 countries, if you can’t join us here check out an event near you.

Cool Climate Café:    Mount Vernon and Anacortes

Skagit Beat the Heat and Climate Stewards program is sponsoring the Skagit County Cool Community Campaign in partnership with North Cascades Institute, the City of Anacortes, North Cascades National Park and a number of other organizations.  The program encourages Skagit County residents to create citizen groups and go on a “Low Carbon Diet” .  Teams of individuals, led by partner organizations, will analyze their household carbon footprint and then using the Low Carbon Diet book develop a plan to lose 5000 lbs off that footprint.  The book provides very easy to follow steps to make simple lifestyle changes in the areas of home energy efficiency, transportation, food, and empowering others to lose those unwanted (carbon) pounds.
Mt. Vernon Café: 930am-1130am, Skagit PUD Building, 1415 Freeway Dr.
Anacortes Café:  100pm-300pm, Senior Activities Center, 1701 22nd street

Crank it Down:  Bellingham

Crank It Down! is Bellingham’s response to the call for participation in the International Day of Climate Action. All over the planet people are standing up and raising voices, banners, fists and awareness in solidarity with people worldwide meeting the challenge of climate change.  Groups will be gathering in various locations around the city and marching to converge at the Farmers’ Market at 1pm. When we reach critical dance mass, be prepared for an 80’s dance extravaganza kicking off an 80’s-themed party in the Boundary Bay Beer Garden and $3.50 pints from 1:30 to 4pm.
Put on your raddest and baddest 80’s garb, come converge, witness the breakout, visit us in the beer garden, dance, see what local organizations and businesses are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and support the local community.


  1. Megan

    Thanks for getting the word out Aneka! I look forward to seeing everyone who shows up at these events and all the cool stuff that comes out of it!

  2. Kelsi Franzen

    I keep hearing from a lot of my old friends in Bellingham about this event, so I think what you are doing to get the word out is fantastic! Thanks for posting, Aneka!

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