Oregonian interview with Chip Jenkins

It was cool to find an interview with North Cascades National Park superintendent Chip Jenkins in an outdoors blog on the Oregonian’s website. Chip has been a great supporter of the Institute since arriving at the park in 2007, especially championing our youth programs like North Cascades Wild and the new Parks Climate Challenge, both of which rely on the landscapes and resources within the national park.

Q: Tell us a bit about your family and how you spent a recent summer weekend together in the park.
A: My wife and I have two sons, ages 9 and 7. We joined a Family Getaway with North Cascades Institute, staying in a cozy lodge with wonderful meals (with the tastes of young diners in mind). Family adventure options included Diablo Lake, nearby trails, games, art, storytelling and scientific explorations. These programs run Memorial Day through Thanksgiving. My youngest boy caught his first trout from the accessible fishing platform at Colonial Creek Campground on Diablo Lake.

The rest of the interview is right here.

Photo of Chip on Ross Lake visiting Institute youth programs by Christian Martin.

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