Kulapalooza! Weekend Adventure Retreat for Women

North Cascades Institute is thrilled to host the first-ever Kulapalooza retreat for women at our Environmental Learning Center in North Cascades National Park. This unique weekend gathering is offered through our Conferences & Retreats program. Read on to learn about all the workshops and talented instructors on offer at Kulapalooza October 25-27. If it calls to you, register by August 20 for an Early Bird discount!

When was the last time you tried something for the first time?  If it’s been a while… Kulapalooza, a three-day outdoor adventure retreat for women has classes and workshops to inspire your sense of adventure, your love of art and a little something for your soul.    

It takes place October 25-27 at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center and includes: Adventure writing, adventure story-telling, backpacking, canoeing, climbing, hiking, map & compass, self defense, meditation, music, trail running, outdoor photography, vision boarding, watercolor painting, wilderness first aid, wildlife awareness, yoga and more.

 The event is a dream two years in the making and is the brainchild of Anastasia Allison (Musical Mountaineers and Kula Cloth) and Allison Tapert a former aerospace event planner.  The two felt called to create an event that inspired others to discover things that bring them joy. More than anything, they wanted to use the powerful tool of nature to create a foundation for learning the process of deliberately creating the life that you want to live.


Learning something new can be intimidating.  We all want to be good at everything.But when you’re doing something for the first time, it’s easy to argue for your limitations! …That can be a vulnerable time for people and it’s important to be with the right people. We’ve gone to great lengths to find women to inspire you, to help build your confidence and empower you to blaze your own trail. You’ll learn a lot and we hope you’ll laugh even more.

— Allison Tapert

Kulapalooza instructors have impressive resumes.  Charlotte Austin (Adventure Writing) has summited Mt. Everest and been published in National Geographic, Outside and Backpacker magazines.  Artists Nikki Frumkin and Claire Giordano have sold their art commercially to REI, Merrell shoes, Alpinist magazine and to private collections. Calle Flint (Wilderness First Aid) is a flight nurse with Airlift Northwest, Angel Mathis (Story Telling) travels the world collecting stories for her podcast Boldly Went, Julie Cassata (Map & Compass) competes internationally in orienteering competitions, Anastasia Allison (Backpacking Basics, Vision Boarding) is the founder of Kula Cloth, the violinist for The Musical Mountaineers, a trail scout and gear tester for Backpacker Magazine, and coaches aspiring adventurepreneurs.  Wendi Barker and Chelsey Schultz (Self Defense for outdoor women) have over 31 years experience in the Marshall Arts. Callie Moore (wildlife awareness) is a wildlife biologist for Washington State.

But Kulapalooza is about more than expert instructors and fabulous outdoor activities. It’s about having fun and laughing audaciously while creating a community that encourages and supports each others’ goals, dreams and ambitions. It’s about appreciating where we are right now and being grateful for each moment. Join us to discover the energy and inspiration of Kulapalooza.

Want to join in the fun and inspiration this Fall in the North Cascades? Early bird registration discount rates end August 20: https://kulapalooza.events. 


  1. Mala Giri

    I am sure to attend the workshop but could not sign up on line? Please help🙏

  2. Lyn Isaacson

    I got my ticket for kulapalooza! It seems like accommodations are included in the ticket price. Am I right or do I need to arrange accommodations separately?

    1. Sarah

      You are correct, accommodations are included!

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