Mountain School is back this Fall!

Mountain School Fall 2021

North Cascades Institute is excited to announce the return of Mountain School this Fall! After having missed the better part of three seasons due to the pandemic, our staff are collaborating closely with schools to create safe and enriching experiences for local students. 

We are offering a combination of online orientations with a ranger from North Cascades National Park with in-person education at either a park close to the student’s school or day trips to the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. Fifth (and some sixth) grade students and teachers from Bellingham, the Methow Valley, Mt. Vernon and Burlington-Edison will participate in this modified Mountain School model beginning September 30. 

Lessons will include focuses on geology, watersheds, animal adaptations, decomposition and general ecology. Students will engage in hands-on learning and games to build connections with the natural world and their peers. 

Our program goals are to promote stewardship, practice observation and inquiry of the natural world, develop a sense of place and connection to local landscapes and cultivate community in class groups. Whether on the shores of Diablo Lake or in a park near schools, our instructors will provide a sense of wonder and fun for students and teachers alike.



  1. Jodi Broughton

    I’m so thrilled to see young people outside together, learning from and connecting with the natural world.

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