Icicles hanging from the cliffs near Diablo.

Special Snow Report: Snowstorm 2019!

While our friends in Seattle and Bellingham have been rocked by near-record snow events in the past few days, things have been strangely uneventful at the the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. Well all that changed last night. Those of us staying on campus woke up to 7 inches of fresh snow this morning, and it’s still coming down! 

The National Weather Service is calling for between 8 and 12 inches of new snow today and potentially 6 to 10 more inches overnight with another winter weather system moving in Thursday. Since most of our staff, grads and friends will not be making the treacherous drive up valley to see the new snow first hand, I thought I’d offer a few pictures of the new snow for your enjoyment. Take a few minutes to enjoy the views of our winter world!

Graduate Student Adam Brayton enjoying the snow.
Graduate Student Matt Ferrell getting in a morning Cross Country Ski.
Cars in the Environmental Learning Center Parking Lot.


Your Blog Writer loving the Winter Wonder Land!

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm out there.

Happy snow day!


  1. marian r

    Be careful what you wish for! Looks & sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying it! It’s still only February so you could have lots more! Keepus posted!

  2. Deborah A. Call

    Hi! We’re coming for Base Camp this weekend. Is there still enough snow to bring our snow-shoes?
    Thanks, *Deb*

    1. Matt Ferrell

      Hey Deb,

      I would say yes, bring them. We’ve still got several inches of snow on the ground, and we’re supposed to get more this week. It should be a fun opportunity to experience the Learning Center in winter mode!

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