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Will Write for Change: Communication Tools and Techniques for Activists with Bill Dietrich; Eric DePlace; Karen Uffelman; Benjamin Drummond and Sara Steele and North Cascades Institute staff  * October 2 – 4 at North Cascades Environmental Learning Center

New special rate: $100 off tuition! Register for as low as $175 per person. Price includes two nights lodging and six meals
Join North Cascades Institute this fall on the shores of Diablo Lake for a unique retreat designed to strengthen the communication skills of individuals who work and write for nonprofits. We’ve assembled a crack team of experts to lead us through exercises, presentations and group discussions covering topics such as blogging, environmental storytelling, Twitter, photojournalism, web-based presentations and some of the nitty-gritty business of activist communications, including the business of grant writing, partnerships, publicity and publication. By the end of the weekend, you and your organization will have gained new techniques and tools for communicating your group’s stories clearly, persuasively and in a way that reaches the largest audience possible.

North Cascades Institute is committed to the success of our environmental peers but we know the budget cutbacks you, like we, are facing. Thanks to the generous support of our guest instructors (who are teaching for free or at a reduced rate), we’ve dropped the registration fee for this important workshop by $100.  If you’re a student, teacher or low-income, you may be eligible for even more discounts through our scholarship program.
Share a room with two friends and tuition is only $175 per person. Sharing a room with one other person is now $255 per person (double-occupancy); having a room all to yourself is now $415 per person (single-occupancy). This special offer cannot be combined with other concurrent specials. An online tour of the Learning Center is at http://www.ncascades.org/multimedia/learning_center.
More information, teacher bios and registration at http://www.ncascades.org/programs/seminars/course.html?workshop_id=989, by calling (360) 856-5700 ext. 2 or emailing nci@ncascades.org.

Photo of Bill Dietrich by Christian Martin

Will Write for Change instructors include:
Bill Dietrich won a Pulitizer Prize at the Seattle Times for his coverage of the Exxon Valdez disaster, is the author of The Final Forest: The Battle for the Last Great Trees of the Pacific Northwest and several best-selling novels and is currently the faculty editor of The Planet, Huxley College’s renowned environmental magazine. His stories for the Times’ Pacific Northwest magazine are widely-read around the Sound and his book Natural Grace: The Charm, Wonder and Lessons of Pacific Northwest Animals and Plants features a wide-ranging exploration of regional natural history.
Eric DePlace, senior researcher at Sightline Institute, contributes research and writing for the annual Cascadia Scorecard on sprawl, economic security, wildlife and other topics. He also writes for the Daily Score blog and contributes to a number of other Sightline projects, especially climate policy in the western states.
Karen Uffelman, director of client strategy at ONE/Northwest, works with environmental organizations to engage their audiences through smart use of technology and the development of valuable content. She consults on both format and substance, and combines the best practices of relationship marketing, grassroots organizing, and analysis of web and email statistics to help organizations tell their stories effectively.
Photographer Benjamin Drummond and writer Sara Joy Steele are working on a long-term documentary project called Facing Climate Change. Their work combines photographs, field audio and writing to tell the story of global change through local people. Over the past two years, Facing Climate Change’ has been featured in Orion Magazine and Mother Jones, in gallery shows from Seattle City Hall to Houston Center for Photography and at more than a dozen other events and venues. Among other projects, Benj and Sara also collaborated on “The Dipper’s Attitude: Conversations with Northwest Naturalists,” an ongoing collection of profiles that explore who Northwest naturalists are, how they attend to the natural world, and why that matters. Visit www.facingclimatechange.org to learn more about their print and Web media, presentations and exhibitions.
Join us for a weekend of active learning, networking and brainstorming, where together we’ll share tools and build connections, getting ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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