Art Afield

silk_painting2Last weekend was the Diablo Creative Arts Retreat: featuring courses on watercolors, nature journalling and silk painting. It was incredible!
Our three amazing instructors were Molly Hashimoto (watercolors), Jocelyn Curry (nature journalling), and Kristen Gilje (silk painting). Our participants were given the difficult task of choosing only one subject to focus on for the weekend; I heard a lot of comments that people were planning on coming back next year so they could try out the other courses, too!
Good weather and magnificent views inspired all our participants. A lot of stunning artwork was done throughout the weekend. Below is merely a small sampling of the photos, and artwork, from the arts retreat.


All photos courtesy of Kelly Berger; all artwork copyrighted by original artists.


  1. Molly Hashimoto

    Great reporting on our Retreat, Kelly. Thanks so much for spreading the word about the marvelous work created in the retreat.

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