Fairy slippers, lady fern and trailing yellow violet

Lady fern fiddle head-single
Unbelievable!  So many plants are pushing their way out of the ground.  Just a quick glimpse at what is rapidly unfurling and flowering around the learning center.

Lady fern fiddle head-trioTop two photos: Lady fern fiddleheads
Fragile fern fiddleheadFragile fern fiddlehead

Bracken fern fiddlehead

Bracken fern fiddlehead

Sword fern fiddlehead
Sword fern fiddleheads
Devils club budDevils club bud
Oregon green flower buds
Oregon grape buds
Boxwood with maroon flowersMountain boxwood flowers
Red flowering currant
Red flowering currant
Trailing yellow violetTrailing yellow violet
Fairy slipper
Fairy slipper
A lone mushroom in a sea of moss
Photos by Jenny Lee


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