Weekly Photo Roundup: January 15, 2017

Every Sunday I will be posting photos collected from various NCI graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.

Photo by Angela Burlile

On Monday, I caught the sun dancing across Diablo lake in the morning mist on my way to North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center.

Photo by Dan Dubie

Graduate M.Ed student, Dan Dubie, took this beautiful photo of a snow covered Diablo Dam.

Photo by Alexei Desmarais

Geena Malley Campos, Aly Gourd and Adam Bates of graduate cohort 15 show us that snowsuits never go out of style.

Photo by Aly Gourd

On Saturday, graduate students cleared out snow for future ice skate sessions on Thunder Pond.

Photo by Angela Burlile

This weekend, graduate cohort 16 hosted Islandwood and Wilderness Awareness School for an annual instructor exchange event. I caught Jenny O’Toole of C16 snapping this fun group photo of the Islandwood graduate students before they depart back to Seattle.

Photo by Jihan Grettenberger

With rain predicted for the next few days, grads students make the most of the sunshine with a cross country ski and snowshoe down Highway 20.

Photo Calvin Laatsch

Calvin Laatch, our Conference and Retreats Coordinator, doesn’t waste his days off. On Saturday, he had an awesome day of upper Skagit ice climbing.

Title Photo courtesy of Smokey Brine.

Angela Burlile is a graduate student of North Cascades Institute and Western Washington University’s M.Ed. program and the current web resource editor graduate assistant. Growing up in Alaska, Angela feels most at home surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and turquoise rivers, making the North Cascades Institute a perfect fit. In her free time, Angela enjoys exploring the world, meeting its many inhabitants, sharing cups of coffee, climbing mountains and catching the sunrise.


  1. Shirley Vander Ploeg

    Breathtaking photos..Thank you for giving us a glimpse of theNorth Cascades area…

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