Pablo McLoud: Artist in Residence

Pablo McLoud participated in the North Cascades Institute’s Creative Residence Program this October, joining the tradition of poets, naturalists, dancers and researchers who have participated in the past.

Pablo is self-described as “an amateur photographer using Canon cameras.” He prides himself on taking photographs from a perspective and vantage point that many find original. For some of his photos, his unique “slant” on ordinary subjects elicits responses like “Wow! I’ve never seen a picture like that before.” Without the use of digital manipulation in a majority of his work, Pablo’s images deliver the purity of the event in a special moment in time.

Pablo’s mantra is “If you don’t explore, you’ll never discover.”

And he definitely took the time to explore during his Residency experience! Below are some of his beautiful photos from around North Cascades National Park and surrounding wilderness areas.

Photo by Pablo McLoud

Leave Me Be; photo by Pablo McLoud

Photo by Pablo McLoud

Fall Mountain Splendor; photo by Pablo McLoud

Photo by Pablo McLoud

Glacial Textures; photo by Pablo McLoud

Photo by Pablo McLoud

Winter Wonderland; photo by Pablo McLoud

In Pablo’s own words:

During my time as a Creative Resident at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center, I have made friends, had fabulous experiences, and created memories to last lifetimes. During my month-long adventure I have hiked over 200 miles, collected over 3000 photographs, and learned, shared, and been a part of the ELC community.


The Residency experience has been enriching and gratifying, fulfilling and inspiring, and I am thankful to everyone for their support, interest, and generosity. I leave with a new appreciation for our wilderness environment, and dedicate myself to the preservation and protection of these unique mountain resources.


My stay culminated in a slide-show presentation for guests, students, and staff. Additionally, many more photos from the North Cascades and other worldwide locations may be viewed on my website at

Thank you Pablo for inspiring us with your creative work!

(Top photo) Wispy Wonder by Artist in Residence, Pablo McLoud

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