Photo Roundup: May 21 2017

Every Sunday I will be posting photos collected from various North Cascades Institute graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.


Graduate students and staff taking out our Salish Dancer canoe in preparation for summer programming. Photo by Rachael Grasso

On Monday, our graduate M.Ed students and staff went through big canoe training, taking out the Voyageur and Salish Dancer canoes on Diablo Lake. We are gearing up for a busy summer of Family Getaways, Base Camp, conference and retreats and adult seminar field courses. These canoe trips offer a unique and new perspective for visitors at the North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center.

C16 graduate student, Ash Kunz, jumping for joy at the now open Highway 20 gate! Photo by Angela Burlile

On May 16th, Washington State Department of Transportation officially opened the gate at milepost 134 on Highway 20. Before the clearing began, WSDOT had initially reported that we could be seeing one of the latest highway openings in history, due to the high amount of snowfall this winter. Luckily, warmer temperatures and rain turned the expected 8 week process into a 5 1/2 week one, as WSDOT crews worked hard to clear all the snow and repair the road. Check out the WSDOT Flickr account for some incredible photos of their snow removal efforts on Highway 20 this spring.

Top and bottom photos of graduate students, Dan Dubie and Ash Kunz, leading a walk to Diablo Dam for our stewardship volunteers. Photo by Angela Burlile

Stewardship volunteers removing invasive species and weeds around our Environmental Learning Center. Photo by Angela Burlile

Touching up the ELC signs. Photo by Angela Burlile

On Friday, we kicked off our Hands to Work: Learning Center Stewardship Weekend. Volunteers arrived to the Environmental Learning Center to help our staff tend to the native flora and habitat around campus. Projects included thinning trees to keep our campus firewise, removing invasive plants and plenty of weeding!

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Title photo of graduate student, Daniel Dubie, teaching our stewardship volunteer how to identify ocean spray. Photo by Angela Burlile

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