Weekly Photo Roundup: January 22 2017

Every Sunday I will be posting photos collected from various NCI graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.

Photo by Angela Burlile

The sunshine from last weekend continued on early in the week. We were treated to this beautiful alpenglow on Sourdough mountain, driving across Diablo Dam on our way to the North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center.

Photos by Ash Kunz

Graduate M.Ed student, Ash Kunz, captured these icy photos of Thunder Arm on Diablo Lake. Portions of Thunder Arm have frozen over but still be cautious if you plan to venture out on the ice.

Photo by Angela Burlile

The constant back and forth between freezing and warm temperatures have left things a little icy at the ELC. Thanks to grad student, Jihan Grettenberger, our walk is made a little easier!

Photo by Angela Burlile

After a week of temps dipping down to the single digits, things warmed up and we saw water flowing again along Highway 20 past the town of Newhalem.

Photo by Nick Engelfried

Sourdough Creek trail is a pleasant 3.5 mile out and back hike starting right behind the Institute ELC main office. The falls at the highest point of the hike have frozen over, leaving this giant mound of snow and ice.


  1. Lauren

    So fun to see winter scenes at NCI and environs, Angela! Sourdough Falls–wow! Hope everyone has their microspikes…

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