Weekly Photo Roundup: January 29 2017

Every Sunday I will be posting photos collected from various NCI graduate students and staff. Please enjoy this glimpse into our everyday lives here in the North Cascades.

Photo by Jihan Grettenberger

Jihan Grettenberger, a graduate M.Ed. student at the North Cascades Institute Environmental Learning Center, came across some cougar tracks while walking down the Diablo East Trail this weekend.

Photo by Angela Burlile

The temperature really warmed up this week! Giant icicles began to break off onto the road between Highway 20 and Diablo Dam but were cleared away quickly thanks to Seattle City Light.

Photos by Jihan Grettenberger and Sarah Clement

The Institute ELC is currently hosting Remote Medical International (RMI) while they facilitate a month long training on campus. This week RMI students responded to a ‘mass casualty’ scenario where grads donned fake wounds and played victim!

Photo by Melissa Biggs

Graduate student, Melissa Biggs, spotted signs of a busy woodpecker during a hike along the Thunder Knob trail. The Thunder Knob trail begins just past Colonial Creek campground, near milepost 130 on Highway 20.

Photo by Kay Gallagher

Another shot from Thunder Knob trail from grad Kay Gallagher, looking out towards Diablo Lake.

Title photo courtesy of Jihan Grettenberger, taken at Colonial Creek campground.

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