Winter Arrives: First Snow at the Environmental Learning Center!

Well folks, its official: Winter has arrived! The annual sign of the season has come a little late this year. In 2017, staff and graduate students at the North Cascades Environmental Learning center were greeted by an early coat of white in November. However, as year has been different. Consistent high pressure systems in northwest produced warm and dry conditions throughout the fall, and while recent weeks have been cold, some of us were wondering if we’d have to wait until after winter break to see the first flakes of the 2018/19 winter.

Well the wait is over for snow lovers!

I awoke Tuesday morning and looked out at a fresh veneer of white blanketing my porch and walkway! I grabbed my snow boots, jacket and camera and headed out to experience the Cascadian transformation to winter wonderland. As I walked, a sense of calm hung in the air as thick, wet flakes fell lightly through the mist. The fresh snow hung from the branches of trees, coated the rocks and trails, and made the landscape glimmer with promise of winter adventures to come.

Unfortunately, the snow had turned back to rain, but hopefully more snow will come later this week! If you had a chance to make it up to the North Cascades this week, you were able to see the magic first hand. However, If winter driving conditions or a busy schedule has kept you down valley, feel free to sit back with a warm cup, and enjoy some pictures of the new season at the Environmental Learning Center!

Happy Winter!

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