Mystery Skulls with Alexa – Introduction

We really miss having Mountain School students at the Environmental Learning Center this Spring! Until we can welcome them back, Senior Program Instructor Alexa Brandt is sharing one of her favorite lessons – Mystery Skulls! – in a new series of videos. Get ready to put your nature curiosities and keen observation skills to the test as we work together to figure out the identities of three North Cascades animal skulls.

In this first introductory video, we will explore how herbivores, carnivores and omnivores have different skull adaptations based on their diets. We will also walk through a few other interesting skull features that will be helpful when solving the mysteries to come. Suitable for learners of all ages!


  1. mkyogi

    I introduce myself as a Hindu male,long years,kundalini re birthing practitioner..Skull is a great mystery, front/rear views,represent as,
    ENT =Ear Nose throat….front plane..nose EYE rear plane..
    my labels are flash and spirit..the separator plane as crown chakra,
    NOSE TIP..or tongue tip touching upper palette in mouth,kundalini,
    medical practitioners are different for ENT and eyes…good subject..
    regards good wishes,mkyogi.

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