Lessons from Nature

A group poem written by the 4th graders of Lummi Nation School, based on an Ute Prayer. The poem was drawn from inspiration during students’ time at Mountain School.
Earth Teach Me
Earth teach me love…as the two ducks swimming in the pond together.
Earth teach me to be happy…like the animals in nature are happy.
Earth teach me hope…as the eagle waiting for dinner.
Earth teach me to care…as the bear takes care of her babies.
Earth teach me courage…like the snake slithers through the forest.
Earth teach me freedom…while the eagle is soaring through the sky.
Earth teach me magic…like the jaguar in camouflage hiding in the tall grass.
Earth teach me how to be quiet…so the deer can come out of the bushes.
Earth teach me friendship…like the deer share the grass to the earth.
Earth teach me honesty…as a red tail hawk flying up in the air.
Earth teach me courage…as a salmon jumping up the river so he could get home.
Earth teach me learning…as the cougar which knows how to hunt to survive.

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