Introducing the 2010 Cascades Climate Challenge Team!! (Part 1)

The North Cascades Institute Staff and Graduate students have spent weeks packing food, preparing curriculum, shuttling canoes, calling students, organizing camping gear and finalizing lessons in preparation for the first of two Cascades Climate Challenge Programs.  On June 29th twenty students from around the Pacific Northwest met for the first time at Sea-Tac Airport to began their three week journey through the North Cascades.
The first few days have been full of nerves, laughs, smiles and lots of questions as the group prepared for their first camping experience with their new community. Already these students have learned how to set up camp, use different types of media to capture their experience, explored trails on their own, and met with North Cascades National Park scientists and rangers focusing their attention on the impacts of climate change on this alpine ecosystem.

Hanging out in Seattle before venturing into the mountains
Students gear up for 3 weeks of exploration

This weekend the team will participate in a service project in North Cascades National Park and tour the inside of a working hydroelectric powerhouse. With so much to do, see and learn this group will work together to form an effective and inspiring community of leaders focused on absorbing as much as they can during their three weeks in the North Cascades.

Cascades Climate Challenge Staff on Ross Lake preparing for students arrival
Photo Credits:
Group photo by Rick Allen
All others by Institute Staff


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