An Evening with Saul Weisberg and Friends

North Cascades Institute and Village Books hosted an online conversation on May 13 — part of the Nature of Writing Speaker Series, as well as our ongoing celebration of Saul Weisberg’s legacy of leadership as he prepares to retire at the end of June after 35 years of serving as the Institute’s executive director. It was a fun and insightful evening of looking back over Saul’s 35 years at the helm of the Institute with his long-time friends and colleagues journalist and author William Dietrich and historian and former dean of Huxley College of the Environment at WWU John Miles.

Topics discussed include how the original idea of the Institute evolved from an idea hatched around a campfire in the North Cascades to a reality; how the North Cascades ecosystem has shaped each of their interconnected careers; the establishment of the Environmental Learning Center; what makes the Institute unique among conservation nonprofits; and what the future of environmental education and conservation might look like. Enjoy!


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