25th Anniversary posters for sale

We are pleased to offer a special limited-edition poster commemorating North Cascades Institute’s 25th anniversary. This high-quality poster features a new painting by watercolor artist Molly Hashimoto, who also is the featured artist on our catalog this year and is teaching two workshops at the Learning Center. Her piece depicts an iconic view from the Learning Center of Pyramid Peak, Diablo Lake and a detail of Diablo Dam.
We’re selling these posters for $10 in all five of our bookstores, including the Learning Center, Stehekin, Newhalem and Marblemount. We’re also making them available to purchase by phone or email for $15 includes tax and shipping/handling).
To purchase one of these keepsake posters from afar, please email nci@ncascades.org or call (360) 854-2599. All of the proceeds from the sale of these posters will help us to fund outdoor education opportunities for local youth!
Here’s Molly sharing some thoughts on her painting and this particular view:
“One of the best things about being at the Institute’s Environmental Learning Center on Diablo Lake is the view of Pyramid Peak from Diablo Dam and I’ve painted it several times; what draws me to that view is the sheer drop of over a mile between the summit of Pyramid Peak (7,182 feet) and the dam which is a mere 891 feet above sea level. Where else in the lower 48 can you stand and look straight up a mile? It really takes my breath away every time I see it. A filmmaker would have a hard time duplicating that!
I love how the peak dwarfs the dam through its immense bulk and height, a kind of visible proof of how our greatest human engineering feats are nothing beside the works of nature.
And, Pyramid Peak somehow explains the existence of the dam, as it looms at cloud level, collecting the moisture from Pacifc systems rolling in, shedding the water into tarns and waterfalls and streams, giving it up to all of us who use it to power our lives. It is a revelation of what immeasurable value there is in the natural world.
Finally as an artist, I respond to the elegant symmetry of the peak; it’s as close to perfect as any mountain I’ve seen. The palette epitomizes the Cascades for me: the colors of the sunlit gneiss summit glowing and contrasting with blue snowfields, all of it encircled by a velvety dark green conifer forest.”

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