Mountain School at Home “ACHOTUS” Ep3: Lucinda Davis

We're excited to share a new series of videos based on a Mountain School activity called A Cultural History of the Upper Skagit, or "ACHOTUS." It's a lesson in which students imagine traveling back in time to meet historical figures relevant to the area around the Environmental Learning Center. We teach cultural history so that students have a fuller understanding of human interaction with this landscape and to recognize the variety of ways people from different backgrounds connect to a place like this. We hope students will see themselves in these people and stories and think about the ways that they connect to the places and communities in which they live. The series was created by our instructors Jillian Ross, Imara White, Alexa Brandy and Kari Paustian during the pandemic as a way to reach people at home and support online learning. Watch the full series on YouTube here.

Learn more about Lucinda Davis…

Euro-American settlement and homesteading in the Skagit Valley:

  • Paul Pitzer, Building the Skagit, Chapter 2

Glossary of Terms:

  • Time Immemorial: The very distant past – longer than humans have been able to record time and historical eras, longer than what human memory allows
  • Roadhouse: A tavern or inn outside city limits which usually offers meals, liquor and dancing
  • Homestead: This term may refer to an isolated dwelling – like a farmhouse and adjacent out-buildings – or land claimed by settlers or squatters under the Homestead Acts
  • Hydroelectric: Pertaining to the generation of electricity using flowing water to drive a turbine or water wheel that powers a generator
  • Dam: A barrier constructed to hold back water and raise its level, forming a reservoir which is often used to generate electricity or as a water supply.

Top photo from the Skagit Valley Herald.


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  1. Melody C

    I’m Lucinda’s great-great granddaughter! This is great. Thanks for the fun and light history lesson.

    Have you been in contact with another other family? Lots of us are around. Cindy C has lots of pictures and some artifacts.

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