Youth Leadership Adventures podcast on climate change

Since Youth Leadership Adventures stayed in local communities this summer, we had the opportunity to do something a little bit different- we made a podcast about climate change! We wanted to listen to the thoughts that young people have on this big problem- one that is already here and is yet to be solved. This podcast gave our 2020 YLA participants an opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect on their feelings surrounding climate change, a challenge that in many ways defines this generation of youth.

Podcasting is a new endeavor for us and thanks to our student participants, we think it turned out pretty great!

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More on the Solar Punk genre of fiction
We invite you all to join us in this challenge we have taken to seek out sources that help you envision a more sustainable future, and go have a conversation with people in your life about the question: what a more equitable and sustainable future could look like and how might we get there?” 

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