Fawns, thunder and rain showers

Early last week Nora and I spotted a mother deer and her two new fawns. They were munching on the alders around our house. The sight was enough to make me giddy. Their little legs were barely strong enough to hold up their weight but they kept on munching so they could grow stronger. These are the first fawns I’ve seen around here.
deer familyMother deer has made herself comfortable around our house and for a few days in a row we saw the family munching away on alders. One cool fact that I have learned about deer since moving here is that when born, fawns do not have a scent. This is to keep predators away, and often the mother will leave her young to protect them.
fawns-hidingToday as the thunder rolled in we watched at the two fawns chomped away. Mom is nowhere to be seen but the babies have taken shelter under our porch. Just in time too because just as I’m typing the sky opens up and out pours the rain. I love summer rains. The sky is filled with a color you can only describe as an electric charge and the smell of the rain soaking the ground and my shirt as I dance in the warm wet shower is just so cool. Just another reminder of what a cool place I live in.

Photo’s by Meghann Willard


  1. Special Guest

    I watched the North Cascades disappear in to a wall of black clouds on Saturday from Samish Island down in on the coast, and was wondering how the storm was hitting the Learning Center. Thanks for sharing your impressions. Sounds like a good time!

  2. Vida Morkunas

    beautiful pictures, what a lovely story. I love the image of the two little fawns looking back at you from underneath the balcony.

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