Ten Minutes with Thomas Fleischner

Ten Minutes with Thomas Fleischner from North Cascades Institute on Vimeo. Tom will read from The Way of Natural History at Village Books on July 8 at 4 pm. Info at www.ncascades.org/events.
Thomas Fleischner is an environmental studies professor at Prescott College in Arizona, founding president of the Natural History Network, author of Singing Stone: A Natural History of the Escalante Canyons and Desert Wetlands, and editor of the new anthology The Way of Natural History. In 1986, he co-founded the North Cascades Institute with Saul Weisberg and began leading field excursions to study and appreciate the natural and cultural history of the North Cascade region.
Twenty-five years later, he sat down with us to reflect on the Institute: what inspired him to start the organization, what makes the Institute unique amongst other nonprofits, what he views as the most important work we do and what we might face in the next 25 years. In this interview, he also discusses why the North Cascades are such a special region and why natural history matters in the 21st century.
More information:
Interview by Benj Drummond and Sara Joy Steele — BDSJS.com
Edited by Christian Martin

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